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Rachel Weatherly, March 26 2018

Parental conflict on separation and the effect on children

The effects of separation and parental conflict on children can be immediate and, if ignored, can also have a long lasting effect well into their future.

Children who are aware of or are involved in the conflict between their parents are at risk of developing emotional as well as social and behavioural problems.  This can have a knock on effect which can effect their child’s concentration and educational achievement and overall feeling of safety and support.

Through this difficult time, both parents must ensure that their children feel safe and supported in their respective homes, keep them out of any conflict, allow them the time they need to adjust to separation and make sure they feel secure to openly and honestly express any thoughts and feelings they have with their families.

Organisations, such as Anglicare or Relationships Australia provide support services for both parents and children of separated families.  If you need support, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  We have attached links if you wish to obtain further information in relation to some of the services offered:

Anglicare Support for Kids;

Anglicare Support for Parents;

Relationships Australia SA Support for Kids

Relationships Australia SA Support for Parents

Please also see the attached Parental Conflict Fact Sheet from the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Written by

Rachel Weatherly

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