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Rachel is experienced in the area of assisting executors and administrators to deal with the complete range of Estate administration needs. From determining the assets and liabilities of an estate, to obtaining a Grant of Probate and then to collection of the estate and distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries. We can also take care of notifying relevant companies and agencies and provide them with appropriate documentation to note death.

When someone dies, his or her estate is represented by an executor or administrator.

An executor is appointed by the Will of the deceased and is responsible for carrying out the wishes of that person in accordance with the provisions of their Will.

Where there is not Will a family member may need to apply to the Court for Letters of Administration appointing them as the administrator of the estate.

The executor will then need to ascertain the assets and liabilities of the deceased, and in some cases obtain a Grant of Probate from the Court. A Grant of Probate is recognition that a person is authorized by the Will to act as the executor. That they have authority to deal with the deceased person’s assets.

The assets will then need to be collected, debts paid and the remaining estate distributed in accordance with the will.

Should you require assistance in relation to an estate matter, please contact us to make an appointment time via telephone or email. Prior to your first appointment, please print and complete the Instruction Checklist found in the “Contact us” section on our website and bring the completed form with you to your appointment.

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