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Rachel Weatherly, October 9 2018

What happens if I die without leaving a will (or a valid will)?

In the event you die without leaving a Will (or a valid Will), you will be deemed to have died “intestate”. This means that your estate will be distributed pursuant to the rules set out in Part 3A of the Administration and Probate Act 1919.

The rules relating to the distribution of an intestate estate are as follows:

 See Part 3A Sections 72H, 72I and 72J of the Administration & Probate Act 1919 for further and more detailed particulars surrounding the rules governing the distribution of an intestate estate as set out above.

Preparing a valid Will is the only way to ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes. Please contact us if we can assist you in this area. For further information, including costs, click on the Wills tab under the Areas of Practice heading on our website.

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Rachel Weatherly

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