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Rachel Weatherly, May 19 2022

What to expect from your first meeting with a family law lawyer

We understand that separating from your partner is an emotional and overwhelming time. The unknown can be a very worrying place to be. It is for this reason it is so important to seek legal advice early so that you can feel confident knowing your rights and your obligations which in turn will provide you with peace of mind.

At Weatherly & Associates we offer a first initial free appointment of up to an hour where you can meet with Rachel Weatherly and discuss your matter confidentially in a caring and compassionate environment. In the current climate, your first appointment could also be conducted over the phone or via video link.

We highly recommend writing down any questions you have prior to the meeting.  The first meeting can be quite overwhelming and emotional and it is easy to forget an important question you may have on your mind.

 What will be discussed at your first appointment?

Rachel will start the appointment by asking why you have come to see her and what led you to make the appointment.  She will use the first appointment to gather information and find out from you what you want to achieve from the process. 

You may have short term issues that need to be resolved quickly which may differ to your long term goals.

 Rachel will take the time to ask you questions pertinent to your particular situation and then at the end of your appointment, if possible, she will provide you with advice relating to what she believes is a fair and equitable outcome and/or the next steps involved in the process  to achieve an outcome. You will also have the opportunity to ask her any questions you have along the way. 

As this is an initial free consultation, you are under no obligation at all to continue with us. 

Our next article will set out what information and/or documentation you should bring to your first appointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to book your no obligation first consultation.  You can do this by calling on (08) 8312 4800 or booking online on our website.

Written by

Rachel Weatherly


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